how to Gallery Wrap and trim signs with old vintage wood

I’m always trying to create new & unique art using canvas & this is my latest creation/series. The canvas is actually modge P. ( glued) & stapled to a 3/4 inch thick wood board. To achieve a  realistic & vintage frame “look” i  pulled out my tools, air nailer, glue ,ruler, coffee cup (with a splash of cream & sugar) and  an armful of  various old wood trim i re-purposed and ……viola ! Instant Vintage custom Frame.

DSCN8404 DSCN8426 vintage south carolina vintage obx sign vintage beach sign medical marijuana butcher shop baltimore sign Gallery Wrap Rear mounting canvas art virginia

This   canvas for our art ,at this writing,   was  Printed   ( by our fav printer sub-El-Co Color Labs, Inc. USA.)   on a  UV printer in Fine Art Mode on   bright white 65 %poly / 35% cotton (Acid Free) material.

This video shows the process Zeke uses to mount the canvas to a substrate, 3/4 inch pine wood, and attach custom cut re purposed wood trim to give each piece a “rare & unique faux antique ” look.

Gallery Wrap how to video by Zeke

Baltimore Saloon gets custom Sign Bundle

The Horse You Came in on Saloon ,in Fells Point Maryland, needed a new sign bundle facelift for their entrance door.

custom baltimore bar sign bundle zeke


Eric, the owner, mentioned in an email to me that,” Thanks for everything Zeke!  As I mentioned your work is a big part of my business and proudly so.”


More and more business owners, like the Horse’ , seek out hand painted vintage style signs not only to fit the look & feel of their business but customers appreciate the unique qualities the signs add to their experience.

Eric contacted me about a new bundle a while back and i was more then happy to create several pieces based on his Saloon’s history and decor. As a great repeat customer i knew Eric would be great to work with and appreciative of whatever i came up with.

After delivery of the Horse’s Sign Bundle Eric was generous to treat me to the great bar fare available on their unique menu-go with the Jack Burger & sweet potato fries !

Thanks Eric !

Saloon business  outdoor sign