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Every Zeke’s piece is hand  drawn, lettered & “faux aged”  by my aging techniques to give  our pieces a “rare & unique …faux antique” look.      The sign lettering enamels and tints used help the colors look and remain bright,yet aged.  There are many “hand painted” signs online for sale,  at Zeke’s Prove It !

Check out the videos :

Zekes RTA video-Ready to Assemble

This method allows for larger signs to be created here,Disassembled  and shipped in a method that  greatly reduces damage & cost’s associated with  large signs. Many restaurant’s or business’s  find this a perfect solution and product regardless of their shipping zone or distance from Zekes Antique Signs.


Here are a few recent RTA signs sent to clients.

large signs


Signs to Prints by Zekesantiquesigns


We are constantly creating new & unique map and other popular regional Art to output as Prints in our online offerings ( ETSY & EBAY )

Since “migrating” to Eastern North Carolina, we naturally have created several Prints for our new home/ market. Some folks contact us to create them a  map sign for their home, which we then sell to them as a “bargain” in order to have another “Print offering” in our online stores.



Gallery Wrapping combined with repurposed old wood trim is another offering Zeke has explored. Some clients buy our Art ,then have a vendor produce a canvas print to Modge Podge onto their surface such as, tables or their own panel.     thanks for watching & sharing Zekes Antique Signs