Baltimore Saloon gets custom Sign Bundle

The Horse You Came in on Saloon ,in Fells Point Maryland, needed a new sign bundle facelift for their entrance door.

custom baltimore bar sign bundle zeke


Eric, the owner, mentioned in an email to me that,” Thanks for everything Zeke!  As I mentioned your work is a big part of my business and proudly so.”


More and more business owners, like the Horse’ , seek out hand painted vintage style signs not only to fit the look & feel of their business but customers appreciate the unique qualities the signs add to their experience.

Eric contacted me about a new bundle a while back and i was more then happy to create several pieces based on his Saloon’s history and decor. As a great repeat customer i knew Eric would be great to work with and appreciative of whatever i came up with.

After delivery of the Horse’s Sign Bundle Eric was generous to treat me to the great bar fare available on their unique menu-go with the Jack Burger & sweet potato fries !

Thanks Eric !

Saloon business  outdoor sign

EBAY STORE Open & Active

oh no wedident ! yes we did open an EBAY Store back in November of 2014 and did  not announce the new outlet  for Zeke’s signs , art & Prints. We are looking to gain exposure to unique markets,including international ones, thru Ebays online presence & easy Global Shipping Service. Face it, getting thru custom’s can be complicated.


So far our sales and exposure to folks looking for custom work has been good & gaining momentum. Such as this piece made for a NY client recently.

tattoo sign custom made

And we sold three Tattoo Signs to a Tattoo Shop in …wait for….”from the land of down -under”-Australia.